Sunday, July 20, 2014

June 2014

Beauties of Florida
Hibiscus that blooms on our patio; the fountain in the lake outside our apartment; palm trees at the Daytona speedway, and the birds that entertain us in the cell phone lot while we wait for missionary flights at the airport. The mug shot in the middle is of the left one, who started pecking at dead bugs stuck on our front bumper after this was taken.

Applying a bandaid to
companion's head after a fall

Happy to have her chin better

I do medical most of the time. I thought I'd add a couple of pictures this time.

Baptism in Lake Nona

OJ's Baptism in Bumby
Baptism in Bumby

Baptism in Wetherbee
Baptism in Hunters Creek

Senior Birthdays

Senior Missionaries leaving their mark on the Mission Banner

Arriving Missionaries in June - Welcome to the Florida Orlando Mission!

Senior missionary Prep Day tour at the Daytona Speedway