Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week Sixteen

We're loving being LDS missionaries in Florida!  Most of this week we were busy with mission work that didn't involve picture opportunities, so our pictures are all from this weekend. Sis. Nielson's keeping the medical surveillance going continually, so she's on the phone with Sis Berry, Sis Craig, our missionaries and Jacksonville's, their doctors, and our area doctor in Atlanta. I've been helping move furniture around the mission apartments, making zone maps, picking up cars, and this week trimmed video clips from the October 2013 general conference to insert into some power point presentations. The local leaders are being trained about "Hastening the Work of Salvation" from the 2013 world-wide leadership training broadcast, so there's been a lot of emphasis on local member participation in missionary work. Our Stake Conference this weekend was all about that, and the HC Stake south of us had the same thing last weekend. Pres and  Sis Berry both talked today, and all the missionaries (even us) sang a medley of songs ending with the congregation and choir singing together "Called to Serve". It was a very spiritual and inspiring conference. 
Maria and Jorge Ordinola

Friday evening our Windy Ridge Ward held a patriotic cultural night, so we had an incredible ward party where almost all of the south american, central american, mexican, and caribbean cultures were represented with displays, foods, singing, dancing, and other entertainment (including a great DJ). The first counselor & his wife, Jorge and Maria Ordinola, organized & MC'd it, and had broad participation from every ward organization. It was one of the best ward parties we've ever seen!  This is a truly great ward, and we're getting more attached to it every week. There are so many different cultures that combine here, yet everyone is bound together by the same truths and commitment to the gospel. They have a great spirit of unity in serving the Lord despite their cultural, linguistic, demographic, and economic differences. They recognize that this is the Lord's work and their lives and their work shows their commitment to serving Him. 

Elders Delgado, Gallo, and Nielson with Brazilian Ties
 Sis Nielson made some Brasilian Cheese Bread rolls with regular tapioca for the ward party, because we couldn't get manioca flour. They didn't get the right consistency, so we ended up buying some frozen ones at the Brazilian market and baked them for the party. They turned out great. Also took a few bottles of guaranĂ¡. 
Elder Cook singing the National Anthem

These pictures show Elder Cook starting out with the US national anthem, some of the entertainment by the Primary, the Young Men and Young Women, and Relief Society. Then had dinner and dancing afterward. 



Young Men and Young Women

Elders Waller and Bailey

Sisters Hoyt, Nielson, and Nielsen

Elders Steed and Bodkin
Saturday we replaced beds at the Semoran apartment with some on frames to keep them off the floor. Elder Bailey also returned plastic food containers to ward members. The sisters got new chair and apartment maintenance. The Elders in Sanford got an extra bed for a newly arriving Elder. 


  1. Hey Dad, you took Mom dancing! Looks like fun :)

  2. Yes... You know me ... I can only go so long without dancing. But I didn't get a picture of us dancing because I was taking the pictures (?).