Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week Twenty Two

Pres and Sis Berry singing to us

On monday we had a nice dinner with our seniors district at the mission home with Pres and Sis Berry, followed by their entertaining us with songs and counsel and guidance on senior missionary guidelines. The mission home is all decorated for Christmas, and we got right into the Christmas spirit. 
The Seniors District in Florida Orlando Mission

Sisters Conant and Higley working on
Facebook pages at the mission office
Tuesday we attended the Mission Leaders Council with zone leaders, sister trainer leaders, and the Assistants for orientation on upcoming internet proselyting. Our missionaries will get about an hour of on-line time on many days to contact and respond to people via Facebook, their profiles on Mormon.Org, and blogs. This will improve access to people who prefer on-line contacts for their initial learning about the restored church of Jesus Christ. The Berrys have already given a referral from their blog. Many of these missionaries started posting their Mormon.Org profiles and preparing their Facebook pages for internet proselyting.   

Serving Thanksgiving Dinner at the mission home
We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving day, with dinner put together by the Busaths and eaten at the mission home. We had lots of fun talking about our families, mission experiences, and all the other great blessings that we're thankful for. 

Table Decor - MM turkey came in a
package from our Becky's family
The Gordons when extra whipped
 cream got on the pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving day puzzle
We found our portuguese article about Brazilian LDS missionaries serving here in Florida was published in the Nov 15, 2013 issue (#80) of Nossa Gente on page 58. This is a tabloid-style newspaper serving the Brazilian community here in Florida. (Link to Elder Delgado and Elder Gallo contacted the editor, who was interested in running it, so they drafted it and we took the pictures of them and coordinated with Stake PR. The editor liked the draft but wanted another picture of them on their bikes, since that's how many people see them. By then, Elder Delgado was transferred away so we took the bike picture with Elder Gallo and Elder Willard, who are shown in the larger picture. 

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