Sunday, August 31, 2014

July 2014

There are always plenty of little Geckos around
the office. They are so cute and fun and they appear everywhere.

These missionaries were returning home. It is hard to let go now. Several of these I have
gotten to know so well that I feel like some of my kids are leaving me. They are wonderful!!

Elder Reay in the middle left us.  The assistants are in the
office so often and take such good care of us that we hate
loosing one of them. Fortunately the Lord gives us new ones.

On the 4th of July the booth was at a celebration In Kissimmee.

These are the Elders and Sisters that did a great job of talking
talking to everyone about the church.  The Beans (our new Medical
Advisor and his wife) are in charge of the booth. They are great
missionaries and talked to everyone also!

Tower of the states in the park
entrance. It has a fun symbol to
represent each state.

Palm trees in the evening

On our way to Jacksonville again. We went back to Mayo clinic to help a
Sister find answers to a lingering problem after being hit by a car on her bike.

Love this sister.  I miss her. She has been
my buddy every since we came. So happy
for her great future ahead!
I love that I never have to change
companions!! That is the best part of
being a Senior Mission!! 

These are our Bumby Ward Elders and we love them!! Elder
Nielson Spoke at this Baptism.  This is our friend Bro. Ledix
from Haiti.

Elder Nielson was just going down our main street when a
car pulled out of a parking lot and hit him. Fortunately he
was not hurt and the car has since been repaired.
Hydrate or Die is a mission saying because everyone sweats
so much here and because it is humid it is hard to
remember to drink enough.

Fun new bags that they love. We did training along with
the Presidents Interviews this time.  It was great to see
and enjoy everyone.

Three Sisters who dropped into the mission office

Sis Busath's birthday magic moment!

She loves Minions so the cupcakes for her birthday were
Minions. Every size shape and personality.

At the Interview Training we role played Elder
Nielson's accident so that the missionaries
would know what to do if they had an accident.

No matter where we go there is always a new or replacement
iPad that needs to be set up. Elder Nielson is someone they
like to see because it means they get their iPad working

This is the Cocoa District at Interviews.  Love Love Love
the missionaries!!!!  Everyone of these brings a special

This cute missionary turned into a champion over
pain one night on her mission. She is great!!

Sis Jacklin was by the office for a long time and we became

The long and short!!
Elder Patton is taller than
anyone in our mission and
our sister from Japan is not so tall!!

We left early one morning to do the training for
the Cocoa Zone so we could make it through
the traffic.  We arrived early so we and the Beans
had to figure out what to do with the extra time.
I think we did a good job of figuring out

We ended the month in the best most exciting way possible!!
Rob and Allyson had Clara Catherine on July 29.  We
Love the pictures and we can hardly wait to hold her and
welcome her to the family!!!!!  Love you all!!!!

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