Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week Seven

Saying bye to Sis S

Tuesday we said goodbye to Sis S, who is returning home early to her family for rehab on her foot & knee as a result of a car-bicycle accident (she was on the bike). She has been doing on-line proselyting from the mission office for a few weeks to minimize her time on crutches, and has been loved by the office staff. 

New missionaries and their trainers at the follow-up training meetings
On Thursday Pres & Sis B conducted follow-up training meetings with our newest set of missionaries and their companions. As always, the meetings were uplifting and enjoyable and the lunch was great. Sis Nielson presented video clips and discussion on adjustments to missionary life, getting enough rest, and avoiding stress.
Spire of our church building with the
 Orlando Tempe spire behind

The Orlando Temple is across the street from the Stake Center building where we had the meetings, and provides a beautiful setting. It is such a bright white, and stands above most of the surrounding landscape, adding an inspiring touch to the whole area. We caught this photo while taking the trash outside after the meetings.

On Friday we had a meeting with Elder Kopischke, of the First Quorum of the Seventy and the mission leadership council. Again, an uplifting spirit, good training, and opportunity for questions and answers with him.  

Sage insight at a restaurant
Saturday our 'Seniors' district visited a Farmers Market and the Charles Morse Art Museum in Winter Park, close to Orlando. We saw this advice when walking by a dessert/bakery restaurant on the way to the market, suggesting an alternative that Sis Nielson could discuss in her next presentation dealing with stress.

Fresh Peaches
The Farmers Market

The museum is primarily devoted to Tiffany collections ... lamps, artwork, furnishings, and a re-assembly of the 1893 Tiffany Chapel that was shown at the Chicago world's fair and later damaged by fire. Picture taking is not allowed in the museum, so we have only our memories of this interesting place.  

Sis Nielson continues to help with missionary medical concerns for our mission and the Jacksonville mission, with many dozens of calls & texts every day that help missionaries navigate the medical system, get treatment and advice, and make us thankful to be serving here in Orlando. She also dispenses much motherly advice, sympathy, and sometimes the "work it off" guidance to help us lose ourselves in this great cause of inviting people to Come Unto Christ, develop Faith, Repent, be Baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. There's rarely a meeting without her leaving several times to take the calls, consult with the mission presidents or their wives or the regional Dr in Atlanta. 

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed helping Elder & Sis B move beds & furniture to and from different missionary apartments and trying to avoid the afternoon rainstorms. They're fun and uplifting people to be with. The mission district/zone map is still progressing from the prototype shown here.     


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