Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week Eight

This week we had combined conferences with the DeLand, Leesburg, and Orlando Zones on Tuesday and with the Orlando South, Hunters Creek, and Cocoa Zones on Wednesday. They included gospel and proselyting training by Pres. Berry and the assistants, nutrition, exercise & rest guidance by Sis. Berry & Sis. Nielson, apartment guidance by Elder & Sis. Busath, and auto/bike training by Elder Gebs (picture below).

Lunch-time briefing on car & bike policies for the North Zones
Answering an apartment question

On Monday pre-dawn, Jan took and made calls to get a missionary into the ER for kidney stone treatment, and later in the day worked to get another missionary into another ER for a P-day concussion. She used her time at the conferences checking many others with concerns over flu, allergies, foot problems, bites, and infections. We continue to be inspired by the dedication of our missionaries, who try to keep working through their problems so they don't miss out on teaching opportunities. They are well-focused on their purpose here, to invite people to Come Unto Christ. Nevertheless, Jan has to remind them to get sufficient rest and treatment to avoid relapses and complications that could consume more time if ignored.  
The FOM banner  

The Berrys used some games & competitions among the zones to bring a lot of fun into the meetings. At the end of the conference they brought out a Mission Banner and allowed each missionary to make a commitment to do his personal best by adding his thumb-print and name. 

Elder Nielson with the pinata

After both conferences there was time to renew 
acquaintances with friends & companions from previous assignments. The piƱata shown here was made by an Hispanic sister for Pres. Berry, but many people there thought it looked more like Elder Nielson, who posed for a "likeness" picture.

We had many good visits with the young missionaries and caught a few pictures with some of them as shown here.

Yesterday we attended the baptism of a man who has been taught recently by the sisters who live close to the mission office. He's shown at the right with his wife and two middle children. The sisters who taught him are shown with Jan at the upper right, and his oldest daughter is with Jan in the lower right picture. Their baby was asleep when these were taken. The wife and daughter were baptized previously. There was a joyful spirit among all who attended the baptism, but particularly with the man who was baptized. We were blessed to be there to witness this baptism. They also served the best empanadas we've ever tasted!

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