Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week Nine

Entering the MetroWest area from Kirkman Rd

Our apartment is in Harbortown 

We live in the MetroWest area of Orlando, and had a chance to take a few pictures while walking during our exercise time that we occasionally take. It's beautiful and we love living here.

Farewell dinner for the Gebs (far end of the table). 

Last Monday our seniors district had a farewell dinner for the Gebs, who will finish their 23-month mission in another week. They work in the office doing cars, bikes, missionary welcome & release letters, phones, IT, picture board, and many other things.

Map of the Mission Units and Apartments

We finally finished the map of the mission, with ward & stake boundaries, churches, missionary apartments and hung it on the wall in the mission office. The mission goes across the peninsula to the Gulf of Mexico in one small area, but is mostly centered in central Florida and along much of the eastern coastline.

Picking up Medical Manuals & Handouts

Jan prepared a medical manual to describe some of the health problems, what symptoms to watch for, and standard treatments. We had copies made for each missionary apartment so they can refer to them for questions.

 Yesterday we helped the Busaths clean out the storage closet at the mission office to make a more private office for Jan to field her medical calls & talk with missionaries. We moved some of the storage shelves to the mission home and the storage garage, and took a load of worn-out beds, drawers, and other furniture to the Goodwill using the mission truck & trailer.  It was the usual warm & humid weather, and we had sweat salt deposits on our clothes by the end of the day. We picked up the printed materials during one of the trips in the truck, and decided the boxes they put them in looked like take-out food from Taco Bell (Kirk's favorite). 

Sis. Nielson trying out the new Med Office
Elder Busath after hanging the
Mission Banner

Cleaned-up mission furniture
stored at an apartment garage.

After the moving & cleanups today we changed and drove down to the St Cloud area to attend a baptism. It was in the Ellsworth ward chapel by the church ranch.

The church ranch entry sign

A silver lining over this cloud

This was the third baptism for the sisters there in the last 4 weeks. The evening scenery by the church was beautiful ... we saw a silver lining around a cloud, and caught a beautiful reflection picture in the pond behind the church. Best of all, though, was the good spirit at the baptism ... the peace of the spirit that comes to those who come unto Christ and show their faith by making covenants with Him through baptism. 

A peaceful pond behind the Ellsworth Ward church

The sisters, ward mission leader, and
Bro Ramsey with his children

The man who was baptized is a faithful
father of 3 children, who were there to witness his baptism. We drove home afterward, rejoicing over our blessings to see and participate in the Lord's work here in central Florida. Even the rain & lightening were beautiful to watch.

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