Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week Twelve

Kirk's Birthday Cake
Sis. Nielson was busy with lots of medical action and Elder Nielson got a successful trial map of missionary apartment locations onto a shareable on-line platform this week. We also had celebrations of Kirk's birthday thursday, with cookies, cakes, & candy from the mission office staff, which kept Kirk eating very well, and gave more party pictures than usual. Our Portuguese elders came over Thurs night and sang happy birthday in Portuguese.

Elders Gallo and Delgado singing
Happy Birthday in Portuguese

The Assistants handing Kirk's
Cake from Busaths

Kirk with his Brazil
Birthday Tie

Ocoee Sign
Thursday turned out to be a long day when we learned of a sister who had a bike accident in the evening. We started driving to their apartment, forgetting our GPS, but with directions in mind. We got a text along the way that the paramedics were taking her to the Ocoee hospital, and we weren't familiar with where Ocoee or the hospital were. However, the next turnpike exit we saw said Ocoee and had the blue "H" sign, so we followed it. Then at the first intersection we were reassured to see the Ocoee township sign, but didn't know which way to turn. Then we saw an ambulance pass west in front of us on W Colonial Dr, so we turned west and found the hospital within a mile. Pres & Sis Berry and a couple of the missionaries in the Sister's district also came, gave her a blessing, and then we waited for MRI scans and a lot of other tests and for their results before she was released to go home. She had a mild concussion, but was protected from more serious injury by wearing her helmet. The Berry's took her & her companion to the mission home for the night.

On Friday Elder Nielson went with the Portuguese missionaries to help give a lesson to a Brazilian who was taught in English at first by the sisters who had the bike accident, and then were handed off to the Portuguese Elders. We taught the lesson in a member's home, who was very helpful in every respect. The man is hoping to be baptized next saturday. 

Wild Florida Wildlife Park

Our Senior District went to the Wild Florida Wildlife Park and Airboat Ride Place in Kenansville, FL on Saturday. The park is owned by an LDS member who gave us a "missionary" rate. We had a great time and took 160 pictures, which won't all fit here, but here are some highlights.

Jan doing an oral exam on a Gator
Gray Heron in the Swamp

Lilly Pads with Blossoms
Senior District on the Air Boat (VERY shallow water)

Sis Nielson texting medical
help from the boat & at dock

Cattle on a Swamp Island

"Alligator Alley"


We even managed to have a medical incident on the air boat ride. A tourist from England passed out for 10-15 min and had a seisure. Fortunately, there was plenty of good medical help there. Sis Nielson, Elder Busath (a policeman/ paramedic), and another couple from England (unknown to the first), who was a nurse and he was a fireman/paramedic (lower-left picture). It cut the tour a little short, but we had a much faster ride back.

After a long day, we caught
Oscar the Gator. "... live gators
are cold, like snakes, but
they are cuter" (... Jan)
Our Airboat Group

The best part of our Saturday was when we went up to Leesburg (at the other end of the mission) for a baptism in the Sumterville Branch. There was a great spirit there among the all the members and missionaries who attended, and it was our privilege to be there. 

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