Monday, January 13, 2014

Week Twenty Eight

This week has been a busy one, getting ready for 22 new missionaries who arrive today from the MTCs in Provo and Mexico City. We didn't get time to do anything with it this weekend, but I'll try to put the pictures we have from this week on here anyway. We usually post things on saturday night or sunday, but both were busy with medical visits and calls. I got some time sunday to download the pictures while waiting in the emergency room while Jan helped get a missionary admitted for an appendicitis workup. As of now, some tests are positive and some negative, so we'll see how this turns out. His parents have been notified and have talked to Pres Berry as well. This missionary and his companion are both anxious to get back to work, and are patient with the situation. The companion was planning to sleep in the chair in the room where his companion was staying.
E. Jeppson and Costa removing oversized beds in
Eustis and Elders Collings and Myer sitting on
replacement bed in Kissimmee

I finished some more maps for several new and old missionary areas, and we helped get apartments outfitted with new beds, delivered  supplies (books, pamphlets, forms, Liahonas, etc.) to some outlying zones in preparation for their district meetings. Also delivered some mail/packages to missionaries while we were making these trips. 

Elder Forrest showing where the
hole in the wall was before repairs

We also visited the apartment in Clermont with an old hole in the wall to verify that it had been adequately fixed. It looks perfect, including texturing to match the old plaster texture finish. 

Sis Nielson and I packed our things and moved most of them to another apartment in preparation for a transfer to a new ward. The plan was for a new senior couple to arrive saturday to occupy our present apartment. We learned friday afternoon that the new couple, waiting for visas to go to Uganda, had just received them, so they are not coming after all. We terminated our phone, internet, etc., for this move, so didn't have them to work the blog. 

Opening a box of ties from home

The only other pictures this week are of planting of new Winter flowers after our cold snap (down to about 35 one night) and some other sights along the way while delivering things to missionaries. We're back up to 78 degrees again today.

Planting flowers by our apartment


Big bird

Spanish Moss on trees

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