Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week Twenty Seven

Elder and Sis Busath and us
at lunch last Saturday

Last Saturday we had lunch with Elder and Sis Busath at a Mexican restaurant in Hunters Creek. They're nice to associate with us older seniors. They work in the mission office doing apartment planning, contracting, furnishing, and financial.

Nativity next door to our lesson

Tuesday we went with Sis Lowry and Jacklin to teach a young man and his sister a first lesson. They're from Brazil, been here a few years, and speak excellent English. They have good knowledge about God, the Bible, and prayer. A great experience for us, including a chance to speak some Portuguese and some talk about Brazil. We took this picture of a Christmas nativity at the house next door while waiting for the missionaries to meet us.
Missionaries getting ready for the Wednesday MLC meeting

On Wednesday we went to the Mission Leadership Council meeting, where internet proselyting using Facebook was introduced and discussed by the Zone Leaders, Sister Trainer leaders, and the President and his assistants. Many of them and I have a lot to learn, both in terms of devices and Facebook. Fortunately, some of our missionaries are quite adept at it all, so there's some hope for them to help the rest of us to come along. There's a lot of excitement about possibly using IPads for this work, as well as to use it for showing church video clips in lessons and using on-line maps.

The Christmas wreaths are still on the horse statues on Hiawassee Rd, and look good with the palm trees. Even the manhole covers are decorated here. Our temperatures dipped from 80 degrees last Monday to the high 50's thursday morning when we walked (wearing long-sleeve t-shirts), but should get back to 80 again next Saturday. 

Birds at Hunters Creek apartment

Backyard of Hunters Creek apartment

Thursday and Friday we worked in the mission office on IT things (me) and medical (Jan). Some days Sis Nielson goes to medical appointments while I work at the office. Saturday we moved eight boxes of things to the apartment in Hunters Creek where we'll move next transfer day. The lake and birds below are seen here from the balcony at that apartment.

Sis Eager, Leandro, and Sis Barnes

Saturday night we went to a baptism in the Windermere Ward, where Leandro was baptized. He was baptized by Bro Sillito, and was taught by Sis's Eager and Barnes. Leandro was born in Brazil but has been here most of his life. He is fun to talk to!

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  1. Hello, I am Sister Jacklin's mom and I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate all the good work you are doing in the Florida Orlando Mission! I know Sister Jacklin loves you both!